Komichel Johnson Warning

This blog is a simple site I created to warn people about working with Komichel Johnson.

Real estate business with Komichel Johnson and my warning

I bought two pieces of real estate through Komichel Johnson (CEO) / Renewal Investments in 2010.  It turned into a nightmare and I wished someone had posted about this man before I dealt with his company.  So I am doing now what I wish someone had done in 2010.  Warn people about how this man handles real estate transactions and their risk when they work with him.   I am not alone.  Other people have had the same real estate experiences I have had with Komichel.  My experience should be a cautionary tale when dealing with this man.  If you doubt anything I say....then I will gladly give you more details if asked.  Here is the email facts@komicheljohnson.com.  

My experience:

My friend (Adrian Young) and co-worker had just bought two pieces of real estate from Komichel Johnson's company Renewal Investments. Things were going relatively well for him so I decided to buy two properties as well.  The deal was....buy these foreclosures and Renewal Investments and Komichel Johnson would handle everything.  They would handle the renovations and place tenants in the properties.  So as I said, I bought two pieces of real estate as well.   At first things were going ok on the renovations on both properties.  Then, at the start of the summer, the renovations stop and ALL the money I had borrowed for the renovations was gone.   And that's when things quickly went south.  None of my properties were finished.  Neither were my friends.  We had borrowed tens of thousands of dollars for each property and the work wasn't close to be done.  It got worse once we actually inspected the properties to see what needed to be done.  The supposed contractors that Komichel Johnson and Renewal Investments hired did incredibly poor work.  He claimed they were licensed and bonded to me in an email and on the phone.  He NEVER produced one licensed contractor.  For that matter he wouldn't provide names of people who did the work.   Once again, all the borrowed money is gone, my houses aren't done and Komichel Johnson is full of excuses.  

  • I end up having to redo alot of the work his "contractors" did because it was sub par work.
  • He gave me an itemized list of where my money was suppose to have been spent when confronted.   I had borrowed 30K for repairs and renovations and he literally handed me a single piece of paper to account for all 30K.  It had no names of contractors, no warranty information for parts purchased etc.  It looked unprofessional and fabricated.  The "invoice" indicated he had spent money on an HVAC system for both houses....yet neither house had new units yet.  
  • He claimed my HVAC units that he supposedly purchased were stolen BUT NEVER filed a police report.  I never got those HVAC units.   The same thing happened to my friend Adrian Young....the other investor.  
  • The work that he claimed was done on that invoice couldn't have been done.  But my money was gone just the same.
  • Countless lies and excuses.  Buy money was gone just the same.

At that point my friend and I realize that we weren't his only victims.  There were other investors who had the exact same issue.  I will gladly give you their names and contact information if you need it.  Komichel Johnson will tell you anything to make something or someone else the problem.  If you ask him about this site and my experience he will blame people you can't talk to or he will even blame me...when all I did was pay for everything and get next to nothing of what I was promised.  I can prove what I say is true....ask him can he ?   We weren't isolated incidents.  So after I realized that this man was a liar, I started to research this man and what I found was shocking to say the least.  Scratch a liar and find a thief.  I found out he was a convicted felon.

His criminal record

That's right....I found out that he was a convicted felon.  He was convicted for running a fake lottery by the state of California.  Google his name and lottery and see what pops up.

He can try to deny that all he wants.   He was convicted along with his wife of running a fake lottery in 2002.

 I was still chasing Komichel Johnson trying to get my money back and he went missing for a few months.  Turns out he was in jail in California for a parole violation.  I know because I was contacted by the California authorities asking for documentation of my real estate transactions with him.  They had to arrest him and send him back to California.  I knew I was fighting a losing battle trying to get my money back when the man who is suppose to give it back is in jail.

Other people's experience with Komichel Johnson

My friend had the exact same experience and we are not isolated events.  If you talk to Komichel he will tell you all kinds of reasons and excuses.  NOTHING is ever his fault.  It was his company along with his wife Naterica.  Google her name as well and you can see her arrests (check fraud). In my opinion, Komichel does not have a problem taking people's money and giving nothing in return or not keeping the promises that lead to the money in the first place.  History has shown this to be the case over and over and over.

Adrian and I started to warn people about Komichel Johnson by using the website RipOffReport.com.  And before I knew it two other people who we didn't know, also wrote articles about Komichel Johnson and complaining about broken promises and money spent with no services provided.  

Below is someone who had business with Komichel in 2012.  He was still doing the same thing and taking people's money according to that complaint. 


This post below is from another investor that Adrian and I learned about after we started researching Komichel. His name is Kevin Hill and was screwed over like we were.  Literally almost the exact same story.  Real estate not done, work was sub par or dangerous and all his money was gone as well.  


Read this article below.  The business named in that article was JLW Homes.  That was Komichel's business before Renewal Investments.  Read the whole article and notice how they complain about stuff not getting done and excuses.  I am telling you this man hasn't changed.  He can talk a good game but he's not an honest person in my opinion.  JLW Homes to Renewal Investments to Aspire Intown.  Change the business name but I doubt he's developed a conscious.  If he did, he'd give everyone their money back for work that wasn't done or poorly done.  I hope your experience is better than mine but you can't say you weren't warned about Komichel Johnson.


New business

Komichel Johnson and his wife are both now associated with Aspire Intown Homes, LLC.  To all future clients of Aspire Intown....good luck.  If you read some of the blog posts, Komichel claims to be a hands on builder.  My experience was he was hands off everything but my money.  That money I am still paying back, 5 years after the fact.  This man knows how to work the system and you will have to work like hell to try and get your money back....but by then it's probably spent.   Suing him, you can win but doesn't guarantee collecting your money.  My friend won a small settlement against Komichel Johnson and he was told he'd have his money within a week.  That money never showed up either.  Eventually you will give up chasing him and he's counting on that in my opinion.   He knows the system.  

My advice to anyone dealing with Komichel Johnson and Aspire Intown
  • Don't believe anything he says unless it's in a contract and still be suspect of that.  Have a lawyer review it.
  • Check the real estate contractors he's hiring before the job and see if you can get receipts....I NEVER GOT A SINGLE ONE
  • Check those contractors and verify they licensed and put their names in the contract
  • Be prepared for excuses, nothing is every his fault, it's the contractors or it's someone else.
  • Ask Komichel Johnson what licensing does he have to sell you real estate.  Ask is he a licensed agent.  Ask why he isn't.
  • Ask Komichel Johnson if he's a licensed contractor.  He will probably tell you he's a "consultant" which means he doesn't have to have a license.  Good luck with that.  So if he's a consultant then he's not held accountable as a contractor yet he acted as the general contractor in my case.  He knows the system folks.
  • I would verify EVERYTHING he says and don't take his word for anything.
  • Don't lend him money or give him money you borrowed, it's a recipe to get a bunch of excuses and an empty wallet.
  • If things go well in the beginning with him, don't expect them to stay that way....don't let your guard down.

Irony - Foreclosure

Komichel Johnson took advantage of people (especially out of town investors) and some payback did come.  For someone who is suppose to be a great business man and has everything covered....his own house went into foreclosure.  Once again that's an official site below and not affiliated with me.  


Why did I create this site ?

My hope is that somebody learns from my real estate experience.  People like Komichel Johnson need to come with a warning label and my experience was a costly one.  He will have you believe he is a real estate mogul and he's not.  He's a convicted felon trying to hustle to find another payday.   He's victimized alot of people and has went to jail for it.  Think about it...how can you take money from people with a fake lottery and NOT feel like you are taking advantage of people.  He is not an honest person.  He can be charming and talk a good game....but answer this question....can you afford to have the same experience I did ?  If all this information and links laid out in this article don't give you pause then I wish you the best....you will surely need it in dealing with Komichel Johnson.  If you want clarification on anything then email me at facts@komicheljohnson.com

Komichel Johnson - Real Estate Noise

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